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A Clean House, full of animals

Updated: Jan 20, 2021


Do you have any pets living in your home? It is a joy to be able to share our homes with our furry friends. But let's admit it..they make a huge mess.

If you have a husky, like me, you will find yourself swimming in hair, sometimes floating through the air, and all over your clothes. Do not despair! There are ways to have your cake and eat it too!

First things first, you need to start to invest a little in maintenance. You will need a lint roller, automatic vacuum, and your choice of pet stain remover (I use Resolve, it’s a miracle worker). The automatic vacuum is not technically essential, but it will save you a lot of time, so you don't have to pull out your vacuum every day. And when choosing the best place to live with your animal, I think it's safe to say tile should be your first option. If you have carpet and you are training a puppy this could be a risky and large investment. We all know a puppy can have an accident easily and tile will be the easiest to clean without spending a ton of money.

The lint roller is the perfect tool for all kinds of tough pet hair removal projects like throw pillows, couch covers, overstuffed furniture, and really any fabric your pet hair has clung to. It is much quicker and works better than the vacuum sometimes. If you are concerned about the waste from using so many sheets of lint rollers, there are reusable options on the market! You would never have to buy more than one and you would help save the planet. I would stash one in the car, on the go, and definitely a few in your home. No one would even suspect you have a furry friend at home!

The automatic vacuum is the real hero in this story. I know, they are pricey, it is worth it! I promise. You can program the vacuum to go off while you are asleep, at work, at school, or when it fits your schedule best. Imagine waking up to a clean floor. Or coming home from work to a clean, hair-free house. Think about how once your socks touch the ground, they will not have a thick fur coat just from walking to the closet. It's great because the automatic vacuum is multi-surface, so it will vacuum tile, wood, and yes carpet! When you live with dogs keeping the floor clean is an all-day job. Let the automatic vacuum do all the work.

Lastly, one great tool at the disposal of every pet owner is the stain remover. Our dogs track in mud, dirt, and occasionally have accidents. Pet stain remover works wonders. Not just in your home either, you can use it in your car as well. If your pup has an accident on your carpet, sweet! I can whip out my new bottle of Resolve Stain Remover! Not only does it prevent the carpet from getting stained, but it removes that strong pet smell. It acts quickly and takes away any stain and smell like it never even happened.

If you have pets, I am sure you have experienced the joy that it is to have them in your home. Likely you have also experienced the pain of swimming, eating, and sleeping in their hair. Take your house back. Use these tools and you can spend less time following them around with the vacuum and instead enjoy spending time together.

It is very important for your furry friend and your family to maintain a clean home for a healthy and happy lifestyle. There are many benefits to using these tools to keep your home maintained until your next cleaning service. When the professionals can take care of the rest for you! Town and Country Cleans is here for you.

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