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Keeping your Home Tidy With Pets

Updated: Jan 20, 2021


Having pets increases the elbow grease and hard work you have to do in your home. It also affects the frequency of how often your home should be cleaned. Even Though some people can’t imagine living without pets, we do have some solutions. Take some focus on these areas of your home if your dogs have an increased shedding of their coat. You should frequently dust baseboards, furniture, blinds, cabinet exteriors. These areas of your home will collect hair and debris, which can build up quickly if you leave it.

We have a few suggestions if your pets have long hair that sheds often. By following these suggestions you can prevent all the build-ups in your homes.

  • Take your pet outside your home to brush multiple times throughout the day

  • Purchase a grooming vacuum/dryer

  • Upgrade your furniture and dog beds to leather, or tightly woven fabrics

By taking your pet outside to brush them you can get all their loose hair, without it shredding throughout your home. Once you brush them outside, you don’t have to worry about the hair anymore! Even if you don’t want to purchase a grooming vacuum, we have seen some use a regular vacuum to groom their shedding hair. Some dogs love it! Having leather or tightly woven fabric couches will prevent all their fur attaching to the fabric. If you don’t have these you can regularly take your curtain covers off to wash. However, leather couches you can dust and wipe off in just minutes!

When winter rolls around, the pups still need to go outside to potty. That means they might get wet and muddy. To prevent the pup from bringing that back into your home, we have a few suggestions. When bringing you pup back in from a rainy day, have them stay in that general entrance spot. That way, you can wipe off all their feet or let them dry off on a towel. Restricting them from entering the rest of your home, will save you some stress. Then you only have a small limited area that is a bit dirtier vs. your whole home. Many have said that this device called the paw plunger works great for their dirty paws. You can have this ready next to the front door, to guarantee they don’t bring in excess dirt. Finally, all you need is to wash it and get it ready for the next time.

We all have our and fur babies that we can’t live without, so it's your best option to follow these recommendations to keep your home fur and dirt free.


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