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Updated: Jan 20, 2021


The stress of moving out of your home

Even though you feel excited about moving there are tons of responsibilities and stress that come with it. All the responsibilities of packing, finding a place to live, moving your items into storage, renting a U-haul and tending to your family and your job. If you are buying and selling homes it will add a great amount of stress to the process of moving and in the end you still need to have your home cleaned before selling it. If you get the help you need to get your homes cleaned it will be a great amount of stress off your shoulders.

First Impressions

Staging your house inside and out for the potential buyer is important. You want the buyer to instantly fall in love with their new potential home as soon as possible. A move out cleaning would be best to achieve this objective.

Attract your potential buyers with the fresh look and smell when they walk through the door. The cleaning professionals will make sure not to miss a single spot in your home. You can rely on them to clean everything from the ceiling fans to the baseboards. Since you will be busy moving, they can do all the nitty-gritty cleaning on your behalf.

Town and Country Cleaning services will help you prepare your home for the new buyers as well as get you ready for painting and repairs throughout your home.

Our professionals have the experience and a very detailed eye to spot the flaws and get the hard to reach areas of your home. You can rely on teamwork and experience to get your home clean with Town and Country Cleans. They’ll get the job done in time before you sell and move.

Hiring a professional for your new move in

It's not the only home you'll leave that you need cleaned. Make sure the home to transfer to is also professionally cleaned before you arrive. A professional cleaning service will give your new home a fresh look before moving in, which will benefit you and your family's health.


If you are looking for a residential cleaning service in Clovis, Fresno, Prather or Shaver Lake, Town and Country Cleans is your best option. Get in touch with us today. The professionals at Town and Country Cleans here help you. Call (559) 234-0529 to speak to our friendly customer service representatives. Or schedule a free estimate today!


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