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“All I need is the air that I breathe, and to love you” by Tom Dunkle

Updated: Jan 20, 2021


When we moved into our first home in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of California, we had a grated air conditioner intake on the stairwell going upstairs. Whenever the A.C would kick on a loud bang would issue as the walls of the air conditioner ducting would contract because of the suction, of course the first few times it happened it scared the crap out of us. However, we never thought anything about the sound we just figured it was part of the personality of our home.

As time went on though it occurred to my wife that because I have severe allergies and our oldest son had asthma that maybe there were things, we could do to alleviate these conditions. One of the things that she found is that you were supposed to regularly change the filter for your air conditioner. After we replaced ours and got some spares, we noticed the loud bang had mostly gone away. What that told me at the time is that there was enough dust and particulates on that filter to affect the suction and function of my air conditioner.

“For the typical homeowner, changing air conditioner filters is one of the easiest HVAC system maintenance tasks you can perform. And, it’s an important facet of routine heating and cooling system maintenance because a clean filter can help keep your system running efficiently and reliably for years.

As a part of your heating and air conditioning system, the air filter plays two main roles:

  • Removal of airborne particles from the air that you breathe to improve indoor air quality

  • Keeping internal components free from dust and debris to maintain efficiency and reliability of operation

A dirty filter can cause several issues with your system. It can restrict air flow, which not only affects your comfort, but can lead to your system’s air handler working harder than normal. Over time, that can cause unnecessary wear and tear on system components. In more extreme cases a clogged filter can lead to the system turning on and off many times in rapid succession (short cycling) or even shut down completely.

So, my recommendation is to find that dusty air conditioner manual or try to find it on the web, then determine how often your filter needs to be changed and keep that schedule posted on a good place like a refrigerator. My doctor recommended getting into an air-conditioned environment when I would have allergy attacks, and this is because the removal of particles from the air by your AC really does help its quality. And remember effective replacement of filters will not do your dusting for you only Town and Country cleans can do that.


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