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9 Tips: How to prepare for the cleaners

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

(DIY chores that will save you money)


Pick up household items that may be lying around (shoes, clothes, papers, purses, etc.) Tidying up your home before a house cleaner arrives can help ensure they spend and focus the majority of their time cleaning, not organizing your house. This will save the cleaners some time and save you some money in the long run.

Pick up any important documents, bills and other papers To an unfamiliar eye, important documents such as insurance paperwork, bank statements or bills can be easily mistaken for trash. Protect your privacy and avoid the trouble of tracking down an important document, by filing them onto your desk or table.

Secure valuables Town and Country Cleans, employees go through thorough vetting and background check procedures. However, if you haven't built up a high level of trust with your house cleaner, protect your peace of mind by placing valuables in a secure area.

Put away the pets This precaution depends on both your dog and cat's comfort level with strangers in the house, as well as your house cleaner's preferences. If your pets don't handle unfamiliar people well, it may be a good idea to secure them in a crate or locked room prior to the house cleaner's arrival. Our staff are experienced with pets, although its easiest to have them secured.

Putting the dishes away

If you have the time to put your dishes away, before your routine cleaning visit, I recommend it. Imagine your cleaners searching for this one miscellaneous item's spot, and they aren't sure where it belongs. If you get frustrated when you can't find your items, save yourself the piece of mind. If you are going to have the cleaners put your dishes away, I suggest you allow them to watch you the first time. That will help them establish where items belongs.

Identify and repair any broken items Giving your home a quick inspection for any broken or damaged items can help spare you the embarrassment of accidentally blaming your house cleaner for damage he or she didn't do. If you don't have the time to fix something, just give the cleaners a heads up to let them know to avoid broken or very fragile items.

Identify problem areas that need special cleaning attention If you have an area that you'd like the cleaner to devote extra attention to, make sure you communicate that to them prior to or upon their arrival. The cleaners would be happy to accommodate your needs.

Start the laundry

If your routine house cleaners do linens and towels for you on your clean, it would be very efficient to start the laundry before or upon arrival to save some time. This will save time for the cleaners, from having to switch loads of laundry, while cleaning. And more time to focus on your needs throughout your home.

Make sure they can get in If you plan to be away during your home's cleaning, or if you're setting up service for the first time, make sure we have access to an entry key, as well as any special instructions for turning off a home security system. This will help the cleaners and save time upon arrival.

We recommend doing these tasks before your cleaners arrive for your routine cleaning visit. It is helpful for the cleaners that way they can focus on cleaning, more than the organizing. Having your items in their correct spots, will allow us to focus on your house cleaning needs. And it will save the cleaners time and you the money.


If you are looking for a residential cleaning service in Clovis, Fresno, Prather, Sanger, Oakhurst or Shaver Lake, Town and Country Cleans is your best option. Get in touch with us today. The professionals at Town and Country Cleans are here to help you.

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