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3 Sheets to the wind might be a good idea.

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

By Tom Dunkle


One of my wife’s favorite comedies growing up was “Laverne and Shirley”. In one of her favorite moments from the show two of the shows characters Lenny and Squiggy burst in the apartment in one of their characteristic moves say “Hello” and ask to borrow some sheets when Laverne asks them why they say “ours are hard”. I don’t know if this influenced my lovely spouse, but she has always changed our shee

ts regularly in fact she tries to keep them changed weekly.

In an article called “How bad is it to not wash your sheets every week” by

Cheryl S. Grant and Emily DiNuzzo it relates that the washing of sheets weekly is a practice that preserves your health, “over 500 million cells collect on our sheets daily”. (Grant DiNuzzo 2020) Not cleaning sheets weekly may lead to acne, irritation and yes even infections. (Blows my mind a little really) Even more diligence should be practiced if you see spots on your sheets you sleep in your birthday suit pajamas or if you have dust mites. Another suggestion they make is use the hottest temperature the instructions on your sheets allow (Yes this means reading the little tag

) and use non-allergenic fragrance-free detergent (You will add the scents yourself).

Hey on a personal note when my wife changes the sheets that first crawl into bed feels great and the higher the thread count the better it feels. This makes it okay that she sometimes commits the big sin of eating crackers in bed, no one is perfect.


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Grant, C., & DiNuzzo, E. (2020, June). How Bad is it to not wash your sheets every week. Reader's Digest.

Blog written by Tom Dunkle


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